Italian skulduggery piles pressure on Euro


The Euro is coming under pressure today as a result of the latest assault on national democracy by the EU, this time perpetrated against Italy. The Italians, having prospectively put into power an EU-sceptic government, have had their plans to put Euro-sceptic Paolo Savona into the role of Finance Minister. This appointment was vetoed by President Sergio Matarella, who wants to avoid overseeing a collision course being set between the EU & Italy. The irony is of course, that a collision course has already been set, and it’s not the Italians who have chosen it. As usual it is the staunchly authoritarian EU who once again have dismissed the outcome of a democratic vote as ‘populism’, as if that word has an alternative meaning (spoiler alert - it doesn’t).  This means that Italy will likely return to the polls soon, although this has been true for most of the last 70 years. This time however, the Italian national identity has already suffered the indignity of failing to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and anyone who adds further national insult to them at is likely to get a bloody nose for their interference. If that happens the EU would have no choice but to offer Italy anything they demand as a price for staying in the Euro, because the common currency is the mortar that holds the EU superstate dream together. Bad news for the EU, and worse news for Germany.

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