Market focus remains on Equities


The FX markets are playing second fiddle to the real story in the markets this week, the Equity Index rollercoaster. Over at Facebook the stock is getting caned due to people waking up to the fact that the sole raison d'être for the social media giant is that they are data farmers, which just goes to illustrate that most users seem incredibly naïve. However we may be looking back at this moment in a year’s time and reflecting on a pivotal change of sentiment for Tech stocks which have underpinned the US Indices for a while now. Over on the trade front, it’s difficult not to see President Trump’s robust statements as simply brinkmanship, but there’s no doubt that China is rattled. President Kim Jong-Un has made a “surprise visit” to China but make no mistake, he’s been summoned to the Headmasters office and been told to wind his neck in a bit or China will start looking for a new President of North Korea to support. This will be presented to the US as a token of their desire to engage in stabilising the Korean peninsula as allies of the US, in the (admittedly well-placed) hopes that this brings them favour at the trade table. The Chinese economy has benefited greatly from its relationship with the USA and have no wish to put that in jeopardy. Overall we do not see the market settling down any time soon and we continue to look for opportunities to buy dips & sell rallies.

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