US StopGap funding passes first hurdle


US Politicians today voted to advance a short-term spending bill, a critical step in keeping the Government up and running before funds run out at midnight on Friday. It’s now up to the US Senate to approve the funding increase and it seems inconceivable that they would vote to stop (among other things), paying the servicemen/women that are held in such high regard nationally.

We’ve been here before of course, this has been an ongoing feature of US politics for many years, and extra money is always required. That this should continue to be the case should not be surprising given the 68% increase in the National Debt (US$8tn) accrued under President Obama. There is always an element of brinkmanship and political horse-trading over these ‘temporary’ increases, but they always get done, and the whole performance will be repeated next time the financial tap starts to sputter.

The drama is rarely reported objectively, with the current President always either working hard to get a deal done, or the opposition generously putting their love of the people - for whom they rely on for continued employment - ahead of partisan politics.

Of considerably more concern to the Democratic Party should be the increasing traction being given to the story of the FISA abuses that occurred under the former President. Make no mistake, this is a political scandal that is more far-reaching and sinister than the Watergate incident that doomed every subsequent controversy to have the ‘gate’ suffix appended to it. With so many Congressmen, commentators & concerned citizens calling for the memo to be released it is only a matter of time before Wikileaks gets their hands on a copy, and then even the famously partisan New York Times might cover it.

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