Futures contracts

Make Capital offers futures-based OTC contracts that have Direct Market Access (DMA) to the actual Exchange. Professional traders find those contracts attractive as they can:

  • open both long and short positions
  • access liquidity from Hedge Funds and "dark pools"
  • use leverage provided by Make Capital to maximise their opportunities

Futures contracts are specified by contract size, minimum tick movement, price multiplier and expiration date. You can sometimes see similar futures contracts of the same underlying symbol but different expiration dates. That is because of a small overlap between contracts to facilitate rollovers for long-term position holders.

Make Capital provides you an opportunity to trade world famous futures-based OTC contracts. For simplicity, we provide only the nearest most liquid contract in the terminal until approximately one week before the expiration so traders have enough time to rollover to the next available contract.

Please check our contract specifications to find out most important characteristics of each future contract (such as contract size, tick price, tick size, margin requirements and expiry date). With some practice you may discover that trading futures is no more difficult than trading Equities or Forex markets.

Professional traders enjoy trading Futures with Make Capital as we provide them with tight spreads and do not charge hidden commissions.