World Indices

Index-based CFDs

An Exchange Index value represents a weighted price of blue chips that are traded in the Exchange. Make Capital provides you trading Contracts For Difference (CFDs) on major world indices. The financial result of the trade is based on the difference between open and close prices of your positions. There are no restrictions on taking short positions so traders can take advantage of profit-making opportunities in falling markets as well as use this technique to hedge against adverse movements in your personal portfolio. 

CFD for index contracts do not have an expiration date and that allows traders to hold position for as long as you need, (subject to having adequate Free Margin). Always check the exact contract specification to learn about leverage provided and swap charges. The historical chart represents continuous prices, so you can apply technical analysis tools directly on the chart without extra price adjustments.

Trade  index contracts on the world's major exchanges including DAX, Dow Jones, S&P500, NASDAQ, FTSE, EURO50, Nikkei and others using your trading account with Make Capital.