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Make Capital is a technology service company. Below is an example of our offer for forex brokerages or investment companies.

We offer a number of services to our clients including Forex trading, investments into managed Forex accounts (PAMM and MAM services) and into Make Capital Hedge Fund. Our instruments include Forex, Precious Metals, CFDs (contracts for difference), Commodities, Indices and Futures.

Professional trading is impossible without robust technologies. Make Capital developed proprietary ECN platform to match and execute client orders and achieve best possible results. Quotes from institutional liquidity providers are aggregated to improve the internal depth of the market and that allows us to execute even large client orders without additional slippage and in no time. Our liquidity is one of the best in the market with tight spreads during both active market and overnight. Make Capital automatically monitors the execution with different liquidity providers to ensure orders are executed without delays and extra slippage.

Order execution is fully automated, following NDD (No-Dealing-Desk) industry standard. Make Capital supports "market execution" mode, the priority is best possible execution without requotes. Be sure that your trading order is immediately matched inside ECN platform and routed to the top liquidity provider. There could be slippage involved when the execution price differs from original order price, but we always provide full positive (price improvement) and negative slippage back to our clients. ECN system does not have restrictions on pending orders so you can place limit orders within the spread and scalp the market.

Open your account with Make Capital today and benefit from:

  1. Institutional Liquidity
  2. Spreads from 0.0 without hidden commissions
  3. Fastest execution, even during economic news
  4. Place limit and take profit orders within the spread
  5. Execute every single order via ECN platform
  6. No restrictions on Expert Advisors and news trading
  7. Fully automated deposits and withdrawals

Our mission is to provide the best possible trading conditions around the world. Open your trading account with Make Capital today and start making money.

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