Our team

We believe that success is determined by our team and integrity. Make Capital is proud to employ professionals from all around the world.

Trading in todays markets is impossible without cutting-edge and robust technologies. Our team has more than 10 years experience of developing highly customized trading solutions for the Forex Market. We developed one of the first ECN (Electronic Communication Network) trading systems back in 2010 that was in use by both professional and institutional traders. Our developers are constantly improving the trading infrastructure to follow our clients needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Our support team monitors components of the sophisticated matching and routing ECN system. To achieve lightning-speed performance and execution stability, all our servers are located in the LD4 London Datacentre. Top Tier 1 banks and Hedge Funds are also co-located in the same Datacentre and it allows us to cross-connect to their servers to minimize the execution round-trip and slippage involved.

Make Capital operates without a dealing team, providing genuine No-Dealing-Desk (NDD) execution. Our goal is to automate all internal services from execution to reporting to ensure our internal costs are as low as possible.

Our Risk-management team monitors both individual client positions and the overall Company exposure to minimize the risks involved. They also track real-time execution reports with all of the Liquidity Providers to ensure all trades are executed in accordance with Best Execution practice.

Professional traders have th eopportunity to discuss their trading ideas with our Quantitative Development team who can help them to implement their strategies, back-test using several years of historical data and even help them with automating the trading systems and deployment from the testing phase into the live environment.

The Make Capital Hedge Fund combines a number of fully-automated trading strategies that have been thoroughly back-tested and live-tested to verify the performance results. Market behaviour is always evolving so our Hedge Fund team devotes a lot of time to developing new trading strategies as well as improving existing ones.

We execute these prop-trading strategies using both our own capital and investor's money and have enjoyed considerable success. All the profitability results are thoroughly checked by external auditors and available by request to new Hedge Fund applicants.

Make Capital Hedge Fund is an example of technology solution provided by Make Capital technology services.

Our brokerage services are mainly targeted towards Institutional and Professional traders. If you are new to the market please refer to our Educational materials to avoid common mistakes in the market and minimize the risks involved. Make Capital Hedge Fund services and professional Money Managers are often used by people who wish to invest but lack the confidence to make their own trading decisions.

We can help professional traders to establish Managed Forex Trading accounts (also called MAM and PAMM services) so they can attract external investors. We publish their live trading results and other important statistics in real time and it helps Investors to choose best available Money Managers. The most profitable money managers can also become investment managers in the Make Capital Hedge Fund and it will allow them access to a pool of a multi-million dollar professional investor's fund.

Our Client services team is always available to help you with any questions. Feel free to discuss with them the services you need as they can provide you with information about our trading accounts, professional and institutional services, technologies and investment opportunities. The Client services team can help you with most of your queries or they can escalate your queries to other departments.

Client services can also redirect your call to our Quantitative Development department who can verify your historical trading statistics and provide you with their professional feedback about the trading system you use and the ways of improving its implementation.

If you need professional advice about your investments our client services team can connect you to one of our portfolio managers so you can discuss your investment goals and discuss in details the profitability and risks involved.

Please do not hesitate to contact us - we are here to help.

Markets are changing but Make Capital is always here to help you with any request.

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